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Why your next TV show should be an animation

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Animation is more powerful and engaging than ever in today's digital age, offering unlimited possibilities for storytelling. Here's why your next #tvshow should be animated:

Control: Animation allows full control over every element, from characters to weather. If a star of a TV show quits, you may lose the entire show, but if a voice actor decides to leave a production, the show can still continue with a replacement actor. Just look at Rick and Morty. Justin Roiland has voiced the two leads since the begining, but his departure hasn't shut down the show!

#creativity : Animation surpasses the limitations of reality, enabling boundless creative expression and the creation of impossible worlds.

Appeal: Animation is age-inclusive, breaking age barriers to attract diverse audiences.

Longevity: Animated characters don't age, maintaining show identity and continuity for years (in reality Bart Simpson should be in his 40's now!) The Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park, American Dad, these shows are all still going strong and may continue to do so long into the future. Futurama keeps getting revived but no matter how good a live action show is, it can only last as long as its beloved cast is available.

Global Accessibility: Animation has universal appeal, just look at the success of Anime all over the world! New softwares also make lip syncing much faster too, so you could easily make multiple versions of a show in different languages

Production Flexibility: Animation allows for decentralized production, facilitating continued work despite crises.

Visual Consistency: Animated shows offer visual consistency regardless of location, weather changes, changing fashions and actors aging out of roles.

Branding and Merchandising: Animated characters not only boost branding but can also lead to lucrative licensing and merchandising opportunities. Shows like The Simpsons and Southpark certainly have a healthy business in spinoffs for computer games, clothing and toys

Cost-Effectiveness: We use motion capture at Digital Puppets to lower animation costs. No physical sets or large crews, and no salary increases for animated characters if they become a big time Hollywood star!

Easy Revisions: Changes in animation are simpler compared to live-action, no need for reshoots, just adjust the animation.

Here is a behind the scenes link that shows how we made a weekly show for Johnny Vaughans Radio X Kickabout show. Every friday night we received between 8 to 15 minutes of audio, which we put animation to on the Saturday and returned ready to be posted on Sunday monday. In total we did about 52 episodes, plus some celebrity spin offs where the likes of Liam Gallagher were interviewed. This video shows the process of how the episodes were made with 2D motion capture animation

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