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We have built a brand new Adobe Character Animator Template Puppet. Please see attached video or visit to see the template in action. We can use this template to make a puppet that looks like you (or a character to your description) in the same art style of our cartoony template.  The benefit of using a template is that it means the cost is a lot less, as we dont need to build the elements that take a long time (eye, mouth animations and all the rigging). Our template is ready to be converted into you! (check out how I turned it into John Lennon too)


Your puppet would come with

Advanced expressions and lip sync

2.5D Parallax features

Gesture movements

Motion library enable


We can add logos to his or her clothing too. For small additional fees we can also add props if required.


Order and Delivery

Once you have ordered your puppet, please email us at with a     reference image for how you would like you character to look, or send us a description. We will give you a date for when your custom puppet will be completed and delivered. Please allow up to 2 weeks, though we endeavour to deliver within a couple of days.


More info on build

We have created this template so that we can provide an advanced CH puppet for a low price. Your puppet would use the same eyes, eyebrows and mouths, but we will change the graphics for the nose, face shape, skin tone, hair and the texture on the clothing, to make the character look like yourself in cartoon form. To confirm, the art style would be similar to this character. You will also need Adobe Character Animator to operate the puppet. If you have any questions about the process, or want to confirm how the character would look, please do ask before you buy. We are happy to provide you with a sketch concept first. 


You can contact us at




Get turned into a custom 2D Vtuber!

£300.00 Regular Price
£150.00Sale Price
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