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We can turn our cartoon template character into YOU!


Once you have placed your order, send us an email to and attach a reference photo or a description of what you would like you character to look like (note: the character will keep its cartoony style, but we will change nose, face shape, hair, clothing, so that it looks like a cartoon version of yourself). The benefit of using our template is that it means the cost is a lot less, as we dont need to build the elements that take a long time (eye, mouth animations and all the rigging). Our template is ready to be converted into you!


More information about our custom digital puppet:


This character comes with:


Advanced fluid animated lip sync and expressions

Arm Gestures

Parallax facial movements

Motion Library added

Customizable Photoshop file 


See this demo video to learn how to operate our template puppet  


You will need Adobe Character Animator to operate this puppet. If you have any questions, please email and ask before you purchase.


We also have a more detailed looking puppet available for customisation, which you can find here


If you would like to learn more, then please do check out our channel and make sure to subscribe so that you dont miss out on our latest demos and tutorials. You can also interact with us directly on our DISCORD Channel at Come ask us questions or share what you are working on!


About Digital Puppets


Digital Puppets is a UK based animation studio that specializes in motion capture character builds. Our experienced team uses cutting-edge mocap technology and industry-standard software like Unreal, iClone, and Adobe Character Animator to provide high-quality content quickly and affordably.


While we're based in the UK, our services are available worldwide. We've worked with big brand companies such as Disney, the BBC, and Cartoon Network, among others.


Choose Digital Puppets for exceptional results and a seamless animation production experience. We can either manage projects for you, or we can produce easy to use digital puppets that we can hand over and you can produce your own content.


Our puppets can also operate in real time, both online and offline.


If you have business enquiries, you can contact us at

+ 44 (0)1803 311 811 07540 577235

Get turned into a custom Cartoony 2D Vtuber!

£150.00 Regular Price
£75.00Sale Price
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