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Free 3d vtuber app - Unreal Vtuber software demo with Vroid studio Anime model. 


Download our test Vtuber setup, we are planning on setting this up with lots of diffrent styles of avatars which will be available on our shop to download.


Give us feedback and let us know what you think and what avatars you would like us to make for the store?


This demo is testing out Anime shading and transparent background streaming to OBS.


We have been experimenting with Anime style shading using normal proxys and have also found a way to have a transparent background without the need for Green screen or NDI.


An Iphone x or newer is required to run the facial capture.


Intructions on how to setup iphone face capture and OBS are included in the zip file.



Free 3d Vtuber Demo app

  • Windows only, will not work on mac

    Iphone 10 or newer required for facial capture

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