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A Character Creator for Cartoon Animator 5

Cartoon animator 5 is a powerful motion capture and animation software from Reallusion and Ive made a easy to use cartoon character maker so that you can create a whole cast of animated characters for your videos. This is a walk through tutorial to explain how you can simply adjust my template model to create your own characters.


00:00 Introduction

01:37 Character overview

02:25 Adding 3D motions to 2D character

04:04 Sprite layers

11:00 360 Head turn

12:00 Adjusting Photoshop layers

20:50 Importing new character

You can find this character for sale on the Reallusion Marketplace and it is also forsale on our own store page at

About Digital Puppets Animation Studio

Digital Puppets is a premier 2D and 3D UK Animation studio based in Torquay Devon, which is in the beautiful South West of England, though we very much operate for cilents all around the world. We specialize in the innovative use of motion capture animation, an approach that enables us to produce high-quality content swiftly and cost-effectively. 2D and 3D Character Design is our secret to breathing life into vivid and engaging characters, transforming them into virtual avatars that our clients can also choose to control in real-time. Whether you’re a vtuber looking to captivate your audience on Twitch, a brand seeking to use animation to stand out over your competition or an animated TV show looking to streamline production, Digital Puppets delivers.

Our animations are not just visually stunning, but are also crafted with efficiency and affordability at the forefront. To achieve this our studio works with softwares such as Adobe Character Animator for 2D productions and Unreal and Reallusion iClone 8 for 3D motion capture animation.

Contact us with any questions and we will be happy to help get your project started.

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