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Beatles Cartoon: Animating John Lennon

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

HELP Animating The #Beatles Cartoon John Lennon I set myself a challenge to create an #animation of #JohnLennon in just one day. I used my own premade Adobe #characteranimator template puppet and converted in one of the biggest mega stars of the 20th Century.

In this Youtube short video you can see how it all begins with a #sketch and then how I turn it into #digitalart and then finally rigged ready to be animated. At the end of the video we see my cartoon version of John Lennon as a cartoon character singing of his most personal, celebrated songs, HELP.

This is obviously my 1965 version of Mr Lennon. Throughout the Beatles era, the group went through many fashion changes. I would call this their early to mid look, well their most famous mop top stage (there was an even earlier stage where their hair was a little shorter and suits even more smarter) but this look predates their hippy period and their final days. If anyone would like to see another version of John Lennon, let me know which. Give me some suggestions for what I could possibly animate next with him. Perhaps there is a particular John Lennon song that has no video footage of him performing, such as Happiness is a Warm Gun? Let me know in the comments below !

So who am I? My name is Scott, and Im a cartoonist animator who specialises in virtual avatar builds (also known as vtubers and digital puppets). I use Adobe character animator to enable me to create quicker! If anyone would like to see more of what I, and my brother Ant, does, check out our youtube channel at @DigitalPuppets or our website at

If you would like to get in touch with us, you can do at

The song HELP was written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney and performed by The Beatles. Its a superb song, so I hope you all enjoy it. If you havent heard of the Beatles (where have you been?) go check them out! I recommend starting with their BLUE compliation album 1967-70. My favourite album though, is Abbey Road!

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