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Are You an Animation Studio Looking to Save Money on Your Pitches?

In recent times, we've had the privilege of engaging in numerous meetings with animation studios around the world. A recurring theme from these interactions is the palpable challenge studios face when pitching new shows. The process is often resource-intensive, both in terms of time and finances, regardless of whether the approach is 2D or 3D. This led us to an epiphany: what if we could streamline this for studios, offering them a more efficient path without compromising on quality?

Striking the Perfect Balance with Mocap

Mocap, or motion capture technology, is our response to this industry-wide challenge. Leveraging the capabilities of mocap allows us to craft fluid and lifelike 2D or 3D animations without the traditionally steep costs associated with high-quality animation production. This means studios can visualise their concepts in a manner that's both impactful and economical. Whilst a studio may decide to animate a fully commissioned show in a more traditional manner, our approach for development and proposals to networks and investors can help save time and money.

Maximise Your Development Budget

With our mocap-driven animations, we present an opportunity for studios to stretch their budget further. Instead of committing an entire budget on one proposal, the savings we offer allow you to diversify, producing multiple pitches and vastly increasing your chances with networks or investors.

Pre-Visualization and Character Development

But our services extend beyond just animation. We can assist in the crucial stages of pre-visualization, helping to map out the trajectory of your project with clarity and precision. Furthermore, our expertise encompasses character development. Whether it's refining a budding idea or transforming an existing concept into a fully rigged character, we're equipped to bolster your creative process.

2D and 3D Development Studio

At Digital Puppets, we pride ourselves on our dual expertise in both 2D and 3D character development and mocap animation. Our team is adept at breathing life into narratives across these dimensions, ensuring your stories resonate with audiences irrespective of the medium. Our passion lies in exploring the vast possibilities within the animation landscape and delivering exceptional results tailored to our client's unique vision. With an extensive portfolio of projects spanning various genres and styles, our capabilities serve as a testament to our commitment to excellence in the animation realm.

A Comprehensive, Cost-Effective Approach

From our discussions with studios, we've gleaned a clear understanding of the pitch challenges they face. We're here to provide a solution that not only addresses these challenges but also saves time and money. Imagine having the capability to showcase how a new show could look, produced swiftly and at a fraction of the conventional cost. This not only conserves financial resources but also empowers studios to spread their development budget across a larger canvas of potential projects. Instead of presenting just images of characters, PDF bibles and animatics, that may fail to convey your vision, we can work with you to bring your creations to life, to demonstrate exactly how they could look if turned into a show.

Let's Collaborate

Animation studios are at the heart of storytelling in the modern age. We understand the challenges you face and are committed to providing solutions that ensure your stories get the spotlight they deserve. If this sounds like something you would like to know more about, please do contact us at and we will be happy to arrange a Zoom call to discuss and demo how we could help.

Don't let budget constraints stifle your creativity. Reach out to us, and let's discuss how we can bring your visions to life without breaking the bank.

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