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Digital Puppets: The Jewel of Devon's Animation Scene

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Devon in the South West of England lies an animation powerhouse: Digital Puppets. While the studio's serene location might invoke images of tranquil countryside living, its portfolio speaks of a vibrant and dynamic global outreach. With a reputation that transcends borders, Digital Puppets stands as a testament to the fact that world-class talent can emerge from even the most unexpected locales.

Though rooted in Devon, Digital Puppets' creative influence extends far beyond the English coastlines. With a clientele that boasts international giants like Disney, Cartoon Network, Adobe, and YouTube, the studio showcases the calibre of work that resonates on a global scale. The allure of Digital Puppets isn't just in its impressive international portfolio; it's in the impeccable quality of work that has attracted such esteemed names.

But international projects hasn't distanced Digital Puppets from its British clients. The studio takes immense pride in its collaborations with UK's most renowned companies. With partnerships with broadcasting stalwarts like the BBC and SKY, Digital Puppets has left an indelible mark on the UK's entertainment landscape. These collaborations don't just stand as business ventures but as badges of honour, validating the studio's prowess in the fiercely competitive world of animation.

One of the most notable feathers in Digital Puppets' cap is its appearance on the iconic TV show 'The Apprentice' in 2022. See if you can spot Antony in this clip and see why he very briefly went viral

The success of Digital Puppets goes beyond just its impressive list of clientele. It's in the studio's ability to maintain its essence while evolving with the times. Rooted in Devon, the team carries with it a blend of local charm and global ambition, a combination that's both rare and potent.

In an industry that's constantly evolving, Digital Puppets stands as a beacon of consistency, quality, and innovation. From Devon to Disney, the studio's journey is a testament to the idea that with passion, creativity, and a bit of Devonshire magic, even the loftiest dreams can turn into reality.

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