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Experience a Virtual Christmas with Our Projection Santa

Christmas is synonymous with joy, laughter, and the age-old tradition of children eagerly sharing their wish lists with Santa Claus. At Digital Puppets, we're bringing the magic of the festive season straight to your screens with our innovative

Christmas Projection Santa.
Why Our Virtual Santa?

Designed using Adobe's state-of-the-art #Characteranimator, our cartoon Santa is more than just a digital figure – it’s a real-time interactive experience. Set against a charming cartoon grotto backdrop, this Santa is available for a mere £25 on our store page

Real-time Interaction with a Digital Father Christmas

In an era where safety is paramount, a virtual meet with Santa Claus ensures both magic and wellbeing. With our digital Santa, children can still recount their wishes and hopes for the coming year. The setup? Simple! All that’s required is a computer equipped with a webcam and microphone. Whether you’re connecting via a tethered laptop, live-streaming online, or using #projection offline, Santa will be there, greeting with his signature "Ho, Ho, Ho!"

If the technicalities seem daunting, fret not! We've created a comprehensive tutorial on how to stream our motion-capture characters live online.

Get started with our Adobe Character Animator Tutorial.

About Digital Puppets

Helmed by the dynamic duo, brothers Scott and Antony Evans, Digital Puppets is a premier UK animation studio. Our repertoire boasts collaborations with industry giants like Disney, Warner, Adobe, and BBC. For a deep dive into our diverse range of projects and to witness our virtual Santa in action, we invite you to visit our Youtube channel @DigitalPuppets.

For any queries or more information about our virtual Christmas offerings, feel free to drop us an email at

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