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Harness the Power of Xsens Mocap in Unreal 5: Seamless Transition with Triggered Animations/Controls

In the realm of animation and virtual production, the tools of the trade are constantly evolving. And the spotlight, at present, is on Xsens mocap in Unreal 5 – a transformative combination that has taken Vtubing to a new pinnacle. Digital Puppets is at the forefront of this revolution, and in our recent videos, we demonstrate the sheer versatility and dynamism this integration offers.

Mocap Magic with Xsens

Motion capture (mocap) technology, particularly with the Xsens suit, has drastically changed the landscape of animation. It offers a real-time, intuitive way to capture human movements and translate them into digital characters. The organic fluidity and the range of motion achievable are simply unparalleled.

Synergy with Triggered Animations

But it's not just about real-time movements. What if you could amplify the mocap with pre-defined animations? Our video showcases how you can seamlessly integrate the Xsens mocap animation with triggered animations. This fusion results in an enriched virtual experience, where the characters not only reflect real-time motion but can also execute specific, predefined actions on cue. The possibilities here are endless – from simple gestures to intricate dance moves!

Swift Switch to Game Controller

The cherry on top? The incredible capability to transition from mocap to a game controller setup at the mere click of a button. The flexibility this offers is a game-changer. It ensures that you're not bound by one mode of operation and can switch between mocap and a game controller depending on the requirements of your scene or broadcast.

Are You a Vtuber? Here's a Golden Opportunity!

The world of Vtubing is crowded, and to stand out, you need the best tools and tech at your disposal. With the combination of Xsens mocap, Unreal 5, triggered animations, and a swift game controller switch, you can elevate your Vtubing game.

If you're intrigued and envision your Vtuber avatar benefiting from this tech fusion, Digital Puppets is here to assist. Whether you need us to build your character or integrate it into our innovative app, we've got you covered.

Jump on this wave of technological innovation and ride it to Vtubing stardom!

Digital Puppets is a UK Animation Studio that works for clients worldwide. Check out what we do at or email us at for more information.

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