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How we turned Snoop Dog into a Digital Puppet

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

When Digital Puppets co-founder Antony Evans was looking to build a stylized CG version of American rapper Snoop Dog, he looked to Reallusion’s Character Creator 4 and a host of related tools to create the character.

His stylized digital human of Snoop relied also on Reallusion’s Headshot AI enhanced plugin, SkinGen textures and Dynamics Wrinkles–aspects that Evans says helped him go beyond what he could achieve solely in Unreal Engine’s MetaHuman Creator toolset.

In addition, Character Creator 4 was something Evans found was fully compatible, via its open license, to use with other 3D toolsets, allowing him to complete shaping, skin layer editing, hairstyling, outfitting and accessory additions in Character Creator 4, and then bring it into other tools. If he needed to, Evans could also use Auto Setup for Unreal Engine and the new CC-to-MetaHuman pipeline to transfer head shape, skin textures and dynamic wrinkles into Unreal.

befores & afters asked Evans about his own history in the field, and how he went about crafting his CG Snoop Dog in stylized form, and how he used Character Creator 4 for the task.

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