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SKY Original

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

A show that we had a great deal of fun working on last year is finally airing. It will be broadcast tomorrow (31st August 2023) on Sky Arts (in the UK) and is part of a collection of comedy shorts. The short we were involved in is called REAL FRIENDS and it will be shown at 11pm.

The series of shorts are just the latest rounds commissioned by SKY and previous series have seen shorts picked up for a full run.

So what is Real Friends about? It is a mix of animation (that's where we come in) and live action comedy. Cassie and Mr Whippy have grown up together; they've sat in detention together, suffered puberty together, been bullied together and are soon to be unemployed together. Only snag is, one of them is real and the other is not. And now Mr Whippy, for her own survival, is fighting to remain relevant in Cassie's life when she meets a ... man.

Digital Puppets were brought on to produce the numerous imaginary friends who are animated. There are 2D characters, 3D characters, characters that look like stop motion, we had a great time working on the show. Its very funny and like its main character, very imaginative!

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