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Unveiling the Magic Rabbit: The Future of Puppetry for Children's Entertainment

In an era where the digital world continues to blend seamlessly with reality, we proudly present a groundbreaking innovation for children's entertainers - our brand new Magic Rabbit puppet! It is for sale in our shop and will be on sale with a 50% discount until November 2023!

For many years, before the inception of Digital Puppets, traditional puppetry has held a special place in children's entertainment. As a former cartoon marketing designer for global children's entertainers, I can attest to the timeless allure of puppets. Their magnetic pull on young audiences is undeniable. In fact, studies have shown that children resonate deeply with puppetry, often seeing them as real-life entities rather than inanimate objects. This profound connection is now amplified with our revolutionary approach.

The Magic Rabbit isn't just any puppet; it's a 2D digital marvel. This interactive character engages audiences in ways previously unimagined. Whether operated in real-time by an assistant or featuring pre-recorded animations, our rabbit promises a dynamic integration into any show. With a vast array of expressions and actions - from hiding in its hat, waving a wand, to pulling out any card of your choice - this rabbit truly is magical. Check out the Magic Rabbit in action here.

To bring this innovative character to life, you'll need the Adobe Character Animator. Learn more about this incredible software here.

If you have any questions, please do contact us before you purchase this puppet, email below :)

Why Digital Puppets?

Situated in the UK, Digital Puppets is at the forefront of animation, specializing in cutting-edge motion capture character builds. By leveraging advanced mocap technology alongside industry-leading tools such as Unreal, iClone, and Adobe Character Animator, we deliver unparalleled quality swiftly and within budget.

Our global footprint is evident, having collaborated with titans in the entertainment industry like Disney, the BBC, and Cartoon Network. Our promise? Exceptional animations and a hassle-free production experience. Whether it's overseeing a project or crafting digital puppets for your content creation, we've got you covered.

The real magic? Our digital puppets can perform in real-time, both online and offline, offering a unique twist to traditional puppetry.

Interested in bringing the Magic Rabbit or any other digital puppet to your show? Reach out to us at:

📞 + 44 (0)1803 311 811 | 07540 577235

As the digital age ushers in new entertainment dynamics, ensure you're not left behind. Explore the realms of digital puppetry and redefine children's entertainment!


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