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Who Are We? Vtuber Makers, PNGTubers, or Digital Puppet Creators?

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital animation, the terminology can sometimes be as animated as the creations themselves. As a studio specialising in crafting Digital Puppets using Adobe Character Animator, we often find ourselves pondering – what exactly do we call ourselves? Vtuber makers? Digital Puppet creators? Or perhaps, aligning with the new wave, PNGTubers or Toontubers?

Unveiling the Magic with Adobe Character Animator

For our 2D puppets, we leverage the technology of Adobe Character Animator to breathe life into our creations. This software opens up a realm of possibilities, enabling us to employ motion capture to animate characters in real-time, making the animation process not only faster but also more cost-effective. Here's an example of one of our creations being produced

The benefits are multifold:
  • Speed & Efficiency: What traditionally took months, now takes merely hours or days, revolutionising timelines.

  • Cost-Effective: The reduced animation timelines naturally mean lower costs, making animation accessible to a wider audience.

  • Real-Time Interaction: The ability to animate in real-time opens avenues for interaction, be it in gaming, presenting, or live shows.

Navigating the Nomenclature

The question then arises, in this sea of innovation, what do we identify as? PNGTubers and Vtubers have carved a niche primarily in the realms of gaming and presenting. These terms often describe virtual avatars, aiding in real-time interaction and engagement, especially popular in the live-streaming community.

On the other hand, terms like Toontubers and Digital Puppets are making waves in the industry, describing characters powered by motion capture technology, poised for TV shows, web animations, and beyond. These creations are not just confined to real-time interaction but are versatile, adaptable across various platforms and mediums.

Bridging the Gap with Digital Puppets

Our focus on Digital Puppets is deliberate and strategic. We aim to bridge the gap between extensive craft-based traditional animation and the burgeoning demand for animated content. Digital Puppets are not merely confined to a specific genre or platform; they are versatile, breaking barriers, and making animation a feasible option for many.

The term "Digital Puppet" encapsulates our vision – to create animated characters that are dynamic, interactive, and can cater to diverse needs, from TV shows to web animations, and yes, even for presenters and gamers.

Conclusion: Animation for All

Regardless of the title – be it Vtuber makers, PNGTubers, Toontubers, or Digital Puppet creators – the essence remains the same. We are here to democratise animation, to make it accessible, feasible, and viable for all. The advent of technology like Adobe Character Animator and the rise of Digital Puppets signify a paradigm shift – animation is no longer a craft confined to the learned few; it’s a canvas open for all to paint their stories, in real-time and without breaking the bank.

So, whatever name resonates with you, remember, it’s a world brimming with possibilities, and we are here to help you navigate through it, one animation at a time.

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