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Custom Adobe Character Animator puppet from Digital Puppets

In the world of digital animation, the ability to bring your personal avatar to life has always been a captivating concept. At Digital Puppets, we've taken that dream and turned it into a reality with our latest offering: Adobe Character Animator Template Puppet.

Features That Set Our Puppet Apart

Our new puppet template, showcased in our latest video demo, is designed with meticulous attention to detail. Some of its standout features include:

  • Advanced Expressions & Lip Sync: Ensure your avatar communicates seamlessly.

  • 2.5D Parallax Features: Add depth to your animation, making it more dynamic and realistic.

  • Gesture Movements: Capture the subtle nuances of body language.

  • Motion Library Enabled: Providing smoother and more varied animations.

Moreover, for brands or individuals, we also offer the ability to integrate logos on the puppet’s clothing. If your avatar requires specific props to truly capture your essence, let us know! We can include them for a nominal additional fee.

Here, lets see the puppet in action

Tailor-Made for You

We will customize our template to look like you! Whether you want it to mirror your appearance or visualize a description you provide, our template serves as the perfect starting point. How does this work? The eyes, eyebrows, and mouths remain consistent to ensure flawless animations. However, we tailor-make the graphics for the nose, face shape, skin tone, hair, and clothing texture. The result? A cartoon version of you, intricately crafted to perfection.

Ordering Process & Delivery

Ready to bring your personal cartoon avatar to life? Simply head over to our product page to place your order.

Upon confirmation, email us a reference image or a description of your envisioned character at We aim to deliver your custom puppet within a couple of days, though please allow up to 2 weeks for intricate customizations.


Our new puppet template is designed to offer top-notch Adobe Character Animator avatars without breaking the bank. If you have any queries about the customization process or any other aspect, don’t hesitate to reach out before making a purchase.

Drop us an email at or visit our contact page for more information.


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