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New store to buy Digital Puppets, Vtubers and Virtual Avatars

The digital realm has ushered in an era of unparalleled creativity and expression. From YouTubers to Twitch streamers, the appeal of personalized avatars and animated personas – often referred to as VTubers or digital puppets – has skyrocketed. And now, thanks to Digital Puppets animation studio, diving into this world is more accessible and affordable than ever.

Why Shop with Digital Puppets?

  1. Educational Insight: Whether you're a budding animator or a curious enthusiast, our digital puppets serve as a masterclass in avatar creation. By examining our meticulously crafted puppets, you can reverse engineer the magic, gaining an invaluable understanding of the process. Transform this knowledge into skills as you embark on crafting your unique avatars.

  2. Personalize & Customize: Many of our puppets are easily editable, for example, our 2D puppets for Adobe Character Animator, all come with the original PSD files included, which can be adjusted so you can customise the puppet to look more unique for your own project.

  3. Budget-Friendly Options: Custom-made digital puppets can be expensive if you only have a small budget. But why break the bank when you can access high-quality puppets at a fraction of the price? Our shop boasts a range of affordable puppets, ensuring everyone can join the digital puppetry movement. And for those just starting out or testing the waters, we even offer completely free puppet options.

VTubers and Gamers – Unleash Your Digital Persona

Dreaming of making a mark on YouTube as a VTuber or showcasing your gaming prowess on Twitch with a quirky digital sidekick? Don't let budget constraints stifle your creativity. Our shop is a haven for aspiring digital content creators, offering a treasure trove of avatars ready to reflect your unique style and personality.

We are always adding new puppets to our store, so make sure to pop back occassionally to see what new has been included.

Click below image to be taken to our Digital Puppets Store

Virtual Avatar and Vtuber store

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